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Stainless Steel Colander for Kitchen Food Washing Self-Draining Pasta Bowl Wide Grip Handles

Pro Chef Tools bring restaurant-quality kitchenware right into your home, and for a lower cost than you probably imagined. These professional chefs create kitchen appliances for the home chef, incorporating features and design elements which make this perforated bowl exactly what you need in your home kitchen.

When you buy from Pro Chef Kitchen Tools, you’re buying the best. Not all colanders are the same. You want to avoid plastic and silicon since they can melt, warp and interfere with the taste of your food. Stainless steel is easy to clean, safe to handle and practically impervious to harm.

The stable base allows you to safely strain hot liquids even in busy and wet kitchen environments. Micro-perforations let the liquid quickly drain away while keeping the food safe in the bowl. The entire colander is easy to carry. Aside from straining, this is also a great solution for grease cooking, splatter control, frying, sautéing and other liquid-heavy cooking.

The colander easily fits into most cabinets. But you might not be in a rush to hide this beauty. The mirrored finish and classic style mean this is a strainer which will fit into any kitchen style from modern to rustic. The non-stick stainless steel material is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Anyone who loves to cook knows the importance of a high quality colander. The Pro Chef Kitchen Tools round colander is strong, stylish and efficient. Buy one today for the chef (or aspiring chef) in your life.

Product Features

  • ★★★★★ SAVE MORE TODAY! Add to Cart to reveal today’s instant rebate discount pricing from the manufacturer for authorized Amazon sellers ★★★★★ A NECESSITY FOR ANY KITCHEN Whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or a seasoned pro, you need a colander you can rely on. The Stainless Steel Round Colander from Pro Chef Kitchen Tools is designed for all of your culinary needs. Perfect for rinsing vegetables and making a variety of foods including pasta, rice, seafood and more. Also, this strainer has perfect perforations which allow for efficient and thorough draining. Reduces mess during cooking and clean-up. Plus, the attractive stainless steel appearance fits in with any home décor. This kitchen sieve is attractive enough for any home but strong enough for even an industrial kitchen. If you don’t have a great colander, you’re not cooking at the level you could be.
  • IMPROVES SAFETY AND REDUCES FOOD WASTE The kitchen is often home to many spills and accidents, some of which can be very dangerous. A high quality colander is an effective way to stay safe while cooking. The side handles of the strainer help prevent spills, keeping hot liquids from coming in contact with both people and countertops. The solid base lets you set the colander down securely on the counter or even in the sink. Perfect for busy, wet cooking environments. Also helps effectively prevent the accidental pouring of food down the sink. The perforations on the bottom of the bowl only let water or other liquid through. Food – even thin pasta – will remain in the bowl. Stop pouring your grocery money down the drain!
  • PERFECT FOR PALEO DIETS If you’re a fan of the protein-heavy, low-carb paleo diet then this colander is definitely for you. Use it to wash and prepare fresh vegetables. The round base lets the strainer sit securely in your sink. Stainless steel is durable and easy to keep clean. You can prepare multiple paleo meals throughout the day. The non-reactive stainless steel keeps food safe. Unlike plastic or silicone, the stainless steel of this colander will never melt, chip, crack or rust. Plus, the side handles allow you to handle the colander even when the contents are extremely hot. A durable, clean colander is an important part in preparing most meat, poultry, seafood and vegetable dishes.
  • FITS INTO ANY STYLE OF DÉCOR This 9 inch diameter, professional quality 18/10 stainless steel is practically indestructible. Safe for the dishwasher, the colander is also highly resistant to rust and scratches. Extra-large handles allow you to hang the sieve on an out-of-the-way hook in your kitchen. The interior and the exterior is easily polished and this is one strainer you’ll be proud to display in your kitchen! And this strainer will stay in great shape no matter how often you use it. Can handle vegetables, fruits, cooked noodles, rice, grains and any other foods which are either cooked or packaged in liquid. Works well for jobs of any size – from a heaping feast of pasta to the quick washing of a few pieces of fruit.
  • ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT OR WE’LL GIVE YOU A FULL REFUND! Try it today and buy with confidence with our simple, hassle-free, no-questions-asked 100% MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! If for any reason you aren’t happy or not experiencing the results you expected, we will immediatly refund your full purchase price. Our premium quality home goods are manufactured to the quality standards of the demanding American consumer. Tough durable construction and fine workmanship details are confidently backed by the manufacturer’s risk-free LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY that covers any defect in materials or craftsmanship in your investment when purchased from authorized resellers. Never waste your money again on constantly replacing cheaply made products. Consider purchasing two while stock lasts at our introductory low sale price, one would be a great gift when you need it! Click the ‘Add To Cart” button to order.

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Super 7.5 Quart Superior-Drainage Colander – Big Enough to Feed the Whole Family and Still Capture Every Grain of Rice

Large, sturdy, and multi-functional, the Super 7.5 Quart Colander is constructed with 100% stainless steel, micro-perforated holes that are strategically designed for superior drainage while keeping even the smallest grains of cooked rice from seeping through. This contemporary colander is bigger than most; the over 7.5 quart size is large enough for your big family’s annual summer picnic or the Thanksgiving holiday get together. Now you can enjoy all of those mouth-watering home cooked meals without the fear of overflowing or spilled food. Use the colander for all of your traditional baking recipes; whether you’re sifting flour for the perfect homemade cake recipe or sprinkling powdered sugar atop the Christmas cookies, this sleek multi-purpose colander will work like a charm. Thanks to the open bottom, raised construction, the Super 7.5 Quart Colander makes it ideal for pouring boiling water directly into the opening and letting the delicious food drain while preserving all the aromatic flavors and preventing it from coming in direct contact with the sink. With this modern colander you can ensure that your freshly washed bag of blueberries won’t go bad. Cleaning and storing is convenient – the Super 7.5 Quart Colander comes with two easy grip handles and anything from large bowls to pots and pans can fit right inside – eliminating clutter and saving extra space. Backed by Amazon’s A-Z 100% money-back guarantee, the Super 7.5 Quart Colander is a must have cooking utensil for any family who needs a high-quality strainer that can be used in a number of ways in the kitchen. This sleekly designed colander is an indispensable item in the kitchen and will come in handy in nearly every cooking occasion. Now you can cook those large traditional family meals and prepare your grandma’s special recipes all with one reliable, easy to use colander.

Product Features

  • DRAIN EVERYTHING FROM PASTA TO SALAD WITH NO LIQUID BUILDUP: The Super 7.5 Quart Colander is covered from the bottom up with micro-perforated holes, which make it easy to drain everything from cooked pasta to freshly chopped lettuce with no water buildup. Now you can drain an entire family-sized meal in a single go. This incredible colander is built with perforated holes that are carefully placed to drain all of the water while catching cooked, smaller foods including orzo, lentils, and rice!
  • BIG ENOUGH FOR YOUR NEXT DINNER PARTY: Whether you’re prepping for the summer barbecue or family reunion, the Super 7.5 Quart Colander makes it easy to rinse and drain large amounts of fruits and vegetables in one step. The Super 7.5 is bigger than 7.5 Quarts and will catch every piece of that steaming macaroni. Don’t forget about grandma’s homemade baked goods; the perforated holes are perfect for sifting flour and other baking ingredients. This multi-purpose colander is truly one-of-a-kind.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO SOGGY PASTA AND SPOILED FOOD: Let the al dente pasta cool down while your traditional homemade sauce simmers to perfection. No more sopping wet puddles to spoil spaghetti night. Unlike a closed bottom colander, the Super 7.5 Colander has a raised, open bottom, which drains quicker and prevents food from touching the dirty kitchen sink. Now you can enjoy those mouth-watering delicious meals your family loves without worrying about wasting food and starting all over.
  • CLEANUP AND STORE WITH EASE AND CONVENIENCE: How many times have you fiddled with your cooking ware only to have it awkwardly take up space in the cabinet? What makes the Super 7.5 Quart Colander unique is its modern design and its ability to store bowls, pots, pans, and other utensils, right inside it. This opens up cupboard space and makes storage more convenient than ever. Plus, the colander’s dishwasher-safe polished stainless steel finish and sturdy handles make it simple to hold and clean.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: The Super 7.5 Quart Colander is fully protected by Amazon’s A-Z money-back guarantee.

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